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Cabin Fever...
Harlequin Blaze
Writing as Jillian Burns
Release Date: August 2014

For the past year, Carly Pendleton has poured everything she has into her startup E-zine, Carly’s Couture. So far, she’s managed to keep afloat, but her big Cruise ship photo contest has to attract new readers and advertisers next month or she’ll be forced to admit defeat in the cutthroat world of fashion publications. Unfortunately, Carly’s just-released-from-rehab model is either late or drunk for every photo shoot, and her “Average Joe” contest winner, though he sizzles with raw masculinity, resists all her attempts to pose him. She’s barely managing to fight her attraction for her Average Joe when she’s set up in the wrong bed with him. The more she gets to know the hunky firefighter, the more she realizes they have nothing in common. But how long can she fight the fire blazing between them?

Unbeknownst to Brooklyn fireman Joe Tedesco, his interfering sisters-who are always trying to set him up with dates--entered him in a “Sexiest Average Joe” contest and Joe must pose for a photo shoot in the Caribbean. No way will the guys at the firehouse ever let him forget it if he poses as some “Sexiest Man” spread in a magazine. He tries getting out of the deal, but the uptight Brit threatens to sue him for breach of contract. When he ends up in the bed of the beautiful Brit, things get so hot, even he can’t extinguish the flames. But Carly is determined to keep him at arm’s length and he only has three days left to convince her they’d make a great couple in and out of the wrong bed. Maybe a starry night on sparkling turquoise waters and exploring the mysteries of the caves of Curacao can tip the scales in his favor.

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Available: August 2014



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