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I'm starting a new business. I've been writing back cover blurbs for friends and critique partners for a long time and they really like what I come up with. So if you need a blurb for your self-published book or even for a pitch to an editor, just ask

$25 gets you

1. a half hour phone call to tell me about your book and/ or send a synopsis
2. 2 paragraphs of blurb
3. 2 tweaks to get it just the way you want it

Email me for samples of my work and references.

Praise for Juliet’s work:

"Juliet is an excellent wordsmith, who can take the essence of your book and turn it into a captivating blurb. She knows how to hook an audience or an editor with her first words and makes your characters come alive. I know Juliet has certainly helped me sell my books to publishers and readers alike!"  Author, Freelance Writer, and editor, Renee Hagar-Smith


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Updated May 2016

Her Seal Protector

During a rescue mission in South America, Navy SEAL Clay Bellamy is cut off from the rest of his team with one of the hostages. To avoid capture he escapes deeper into the jungle with beautiful American banker Gabriela Diaz and must get through the night. He connects with Gabby, who is beautiful, brave--and a virgin. Even if he did relationships, it wouldn’t be with her. But in the weeks after they go their separate ways he can’t seem to forget her. And when her life is threatened again, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. But can he protect his heart?

Gabby’s favorite perk as a Credit Risk Analyst is traveling to international banking conferences. Only after being kidnapped by guerrilla fighters and snatched from death by a handsome Navy SEAL does she realize she’s been so focused on her career, she forgot to really live. Back in New York she tries to forget Clay and do just that, but then she’s mugged and her apartment is broken into. Is she being targeted? The notion seems outrageous, but the only time she felt safe was in the arms of the handsome SEAL who saved her life. When he agrees to act as her bodyguard during a conference in Switzerland, Gabby determines to take more chances... especially with the fevered way Clay Bellamy makes her feel. But she may well be risking more than her heart.


Please check back for more updates, information on future booksignings and contests. I can’t wait to see cover art for my next 2 projects!

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!