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Once a Hero...
Harlequin Blaze
Writing as Jillian Burns
Release Date: March 2012

Once a hero...always a hero

Subject: Captain Luke Andrews, M.D.

Current Status: On stress leave in beautiful Hawaii

Mission: Rest and recovery

Obstacle: There’s no rest from the wicked chemistry

Mission: Rest and recovery

Obstacle: There’s no rest from the wicked chemistry he’s found with her

After a too-close-for-comfort brush with cancer, ocean photographer Kristen Turner heads to Hawaii for three months, where fate hands her a smokin’-hot opportunity she can’t resist....

Captain Luke Andrews has to get some serious R & R, but he can’t keep his hands off Kristen. She’s wild and irresistible, and spending his nights with her seems more dangerous than his last mission.

But is their hot little vacation romp an escape from real life...or will the survivor and the hero battle it out and learn to live each day as a gift?

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Available: March 2012



Affaire de Coeur magazine gave ONCE A HERO... 5 stars !

Jillian Burns' latest is an emotionally moving masterpiece with characters whose profound issues create convincing and formidable roadblocks to happiness. The tropical setting will delight. A secondary romance between Kristen's friend and a Hawaiian native is icing on the cake.” Heather Nordahl Files




Luke jerked awake on a choked off shout. Geez. He’d fallen asleep in the club chair in the living room. The dog whined and stuck his cold nose under Luke’s hand. Bleary-eyed, he found the TV remote, switched off the infomercial, then stumbled to the bathroom and splashed water on his face. The dream had been different this time. Bloodier.

Feeling nauseated, he avoided the mirror above the sink and made his way to the balcony. He opened the sliding glass door and stepped out into a salty sea breeze and the reassuring sound of crashing waves.

After a couple of deep gulps of air, he leaned his forearms on the railing and stared into the night sky. There was a bottle of over-the-counter sleeping pills in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Maybe he should try one. But he should be able to deal with this without resorting to medication, damn it.

Give it time, Andrews. The advice had come from John, along with the key to his condo. And John had studied psychotherapy before switching to orthopedics.

This was only Luke’s fourth day here.

From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of that same blonde he’d seen last night pedaling her bike southbound on Kihei Road. He turned his wrist and checked his watch. Two-thirty. Again.

She dismounted and chained her bike to the rack just as she’d done the night before. She wore the same outfit, too. She turned away and headed down to the surf. As she had the night before the blonde lifted her face and arms to the moon. Was she some sort of new-age, moon worshipper?

After playing in the surf a while she went back to her bike and walked it to the condos. Just before she entered the foyer she looked up and without thinking he stepped back into the shadowed doorway.

Luke held his breath. What are you doing, Andrews, you moron? So what if she knew he’d been watching her?

Should he step out to the balcony and act as if he’d just gone back inside to get something? Smile and wave as if this were just a normal meeting? But he couldn’t force his lips to curve upward. It was almost as if he’d forgotten how to smile. But it turned out it didn’t matter. When he braved the balcony again, she was gone.



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