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Harlequin Blaze
Writing as Jullian Burns
Release Date: February/March 2011

Television-program host Serena Sandstone already has her bags checked for her flight out of Anchorage when she sees the 'White Wolf' - and his animal attraction is overpowering...

Serena attributes her intense interest in sexy, scruff pilot Max Taggert to journalistic instincts about his shadowy past. Right. She's prepared to go pretty far to get his story - and he's prepared to let her. before long, they're feeling the heat in the Land of the Midnight Sun, until Max's past triggers a fight for survival neither of them ever expected.

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PRIMAL CALLING (4 stars) by Jillian Burns: Serena Sandstone is a manicured Travel Channel personality who longs to do real investigative reporting. Max Taggert is an Alaskan bush pilot known to locals as the White Wolf. Serena is mesmerized by this unshaven hunk, despite the rumors that he’s guilty of murder. She decides to separate fact from the fiction and digs into Max’s past. Her investigation, however, gets a little too in-depth, and soon they can’t keep their hands off each other. Max is one of the crankiest heroes in ages; it’s entertaining to watch him try to fend off Serena’s probing. As the title implies, their sexual chemistry could certainly be considered “primal.” And while this isn’t a shapeshifting story, elements of Native American shamanism come into play. -- Romantic Times Book review Magazine



He’d come to her rescue prepared to fight off whatever might have hurt her. Check off number two on the sexy he-man list. She jerked her head up to look into his eyes. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

His face was unreadable. He had a grease smear on his left temple. But his eyes, they gave away his true feelings.

She rose up on her toes and kissed his lips.

He pulled away, his eyes flared in surprise. Then, with a hoarse groan, he swept her up into his arms again and headed double time for the airplane. She kissed his neck, behind his ear, along his jaw and finally covered his mouth.

The ferocity of his lips as he took control of the kiss stunned her, but only for a split second. She gripped the sides of his face and matched his passion with her own.


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