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Relentless Seduction...
Harlequin Blaze
Writing as Jillian Burns
Release Date: January 2013

Claire Brookes doesn’t believe in evil creatures of the night.

But she does believe in the evil of man.

When Claire’s best friend goes missing and the New Orleans police don’t seem to be taking her disappearance seriously enough, Claire decides to investigate personally. She begins at a “vampire bar”, Once Bitten, where her friend was last seen. But the bar owner, Rafe Moreau is like no one she’s ever met. Rafe is raw sensuality wrapped in a black cloak of mystery, and Claire suspects he knows more than he’s telling her. Frightened that something awful has happened to her friend, and determined to find her, she appeals to the enigmatic bar owner to help her investigate her friend’s disappearance. The only problem will be resisting Rafe’s unearthly magnetism.


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Available: January 2013



Sara at Harlequin Junkie gave Relentless Seduction 5 Hearts and said, Relentless Seduction by Jillian Burns left me speechless. Wow! Simply wow! Relentless Seduction’ is a romance of the ages, and I can see myself reading this book over and over again. Onto my keeper shelf this goes.

Leona Woolfolk at RT gave RT Rating:

When the executive VP of the bank she works for in Paraguay doesn’t recognize Gabby, she can’t imagine how her day could get worse. In a hail of gunfire and vehicular hijacking by masked men, things aren’t looking so good for Gabby and her bosses. SEAL Clay Bellamy and his team are sent to rescue Gabby and her bosses until things go awry. The strength of Gabby’s character was a breath of fresh air. Everything, from the action, the romance, and Gabby and Clay individually will keep your attention, making you glad that you gave Her SEAL Protector a chance.




Claire had twenty hours. If that.

She closed her phone and laid it on the table. She’d just have to rescue Julia herself. If she could get her away from Armand’s influence maybe she could talk some sense into her. But she’d need to go during the day and hope Armand was asleep. If Julia was too delusional to listen to reason, then she’d have to try forcing her out to the cab.

Claire took off her glasses and pinched her nose. There was no one to help her now. She was alone.

Back in Boston, she was accustomed to being alone. And at twenty-nine, with no one special in her life, she’d pretty much accepted that she might be alone the rest of her life. But that was before Rafe had shown her what she was capable of.

Could she go on with her life never feeling his touch, or hearing his soft southern drawl ever again? She’d have to.

Her future loomed before her. Lonely. Empty. Filled with what ifs. Straightening her spine, she grabbed her glasses from the table. Self-pity wouldn’t save Julia.

After a long hot shower, she wrapped a towel around her and padded out to her overnight bag. The room was mostly dark, the only light coming from the weak bulb in the bathroom. Street noise outside had quieted.

She retrieved her still folded PJs and recalled why she hadn’t worn them the night before. Memories of the things Rafe had done to her, with her, sent a shockwave of desire pulsing between her thighs. The feel of his hands on her body. His mouth. She shivered, dropped the towel and clasped her breasts, rubbing her thumbs over the tightening nipples. As she slid her hand down between her thighs, a shadow in the corner moved.

She gasped and covered herself with her arms.

A man sat in a chair at the table. She could feel his gaze on her like a buzz of electrical current. Her heart thumped in her chest and she couldn’t catch her breath. “Rafe?”



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